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Bathroom Closet Organization

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

To set the scene, this closet is located in a hallway leading to a bathroom and it's used on the daily. Its been about a year since it was previously organized and was due for a clean-out! We started off by removing everything from the shelves, tossing any expired products and getting rid of items that we no longer use. Next, we incorporated these wooden bins to create an organizational system.

We chose the wooden bins because we love their natural aesthetic and they provide structure for these large, awkwardly spaced shelves.

When organizing we prioritize both function and aesthetic. If a space looks nice and works for you, it's more likely that it will be maintained over time.

These stacked open-front bins maximize vertical storage space and prevent products from getting lost in the sauce, so to speak. We placed taller products in the top bins and shorter products inside the ones below.

In some of the bins we used organizers to contain and categorize smaller products, such as the hair brushes and cotton rounds. We also designated a shelf to act as a vanity area so we can look in the mirror while trying on headbands, etc.

The wooden collection by The Home Edit x iDesign has become one of our favorite product lines for home organization projects. It is available in two colorways, natural "sand" and black "onyx".

We linked our favorite products below, you can click any picture to shop.

(*This post contains affiliate links; which means we will receive commission if you purchase through these links, at no extra cost to you.)

Thanks for checking in and we will talk to you soon!

-Savannah & Angela


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