Easy Halloween Kitchen Table Decor + Monster Mash Cereal Recipe

Hello! So for starters...this is our first blog post.

It's officially Fall and October is right around the corner, no better time of the year to start sharing our favorite holiday activities than now.

From the decor to the costumes, we have always loved going all out for Halloween. Sometimes life doesn't allow enough time to decorate as much as you'd like- so we wanted to share a few easy ways to add some festivity to your kitchen.

In our homes, the kitchen is typically the place where everyone gathers so we decided to emphasize the Halloween decor in this space. For the kitchen table, we laid down a burlap table runner and then placed the accessories about the table. In our opinion, decor is usually about finding a balance, so as long as all elements compliment each other- you're pretty much good. Just get creative with it.

You can shop similar accessories by clicking on the photos below.

So if you're wondering what "Monster Mash" Cereal is...this is where we tell you it's pretty much a bowl of sugar. In our defense, it is an easy way to give the kids a fun Halloween treat without making a huge mess. So go grab a box of you favorite Halloween cereal and shake a few festive sprinkles on top, I'm sure the kids will be impressed.

You can even go the "healthy" route and use a seasonal cereal, like Pumpkin O’s, from Trader Joe's (our personal favorite grocery store). Additionally, we like to opt for a milk alternative such as coconut or almond beverage, but you can use your personal preference.

Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully found some inspiration to use in your own homes.

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