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How to Methodize your Holiday Storage

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

When the time comes to un-deck the halls, whether it's Boxing Day or Valentine's (we usually aim for the latter), here's some helpful tips that will be sure to impress your future-self come next season!

There's nothing more frustrating than sorting out last year's lazy attempt at storing decor, especially when you're trying to get into the holiday spirit. Which reminds us to ask...are we the only ones who have experienced a slight mental breakdown over tangled lights or broken bulbs? LOL, lets hope not.

Something we like to remind ourselves when we are packing up holiday decor is how impressed our future-selves will be when next season rolls around. It motivates us to methodize our "putting away" process specifically for the next time we decorate.

Here's a basic rundown..

  • Take photos: Snapping some pics of your decorated spaces will give you a visual to refer to next year and help you decide what elements you want to change or continue to use.

  • Take it one space at a time: It's easy to get overwhelmed when you have a lot to put away. Start in one space, pack everything in that area away, then move on to the next.

  • Maintain your collection: Never feel obligated to hang on to dated decor (not referring to vintage decor in decent condition). If something looks like it has reached its expiration, let it go (be sure to donate what you can). If something needs to be fixed or cleaned, do it before packing it away.

  • Invest in containers: Proper bins and containers are game changers when it comes to storing decor; they are typically one time purchases and really help expedite the decorating (and un-decorating) processes.

  • Label everything: When it comes to creating an organized system- labels are the cherry on top. We're not ones for playing the guessing game and labels are the easiest way to avoid it.


They can be categorized by color, type, tree theme, etc. We highly recommend divided bins for fragile ornaments.


Nothing like de-tangling lights to really get you into the holiday spirit. Let's avoid that experience completely.

Gift Wrap

The last thing you want someone to say about a gift you wrapped because you couldn't find any of your supplies is: "It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes or bags!" (How the Grinch Stole Christmas quote) lol


The objective is to make storing the tree as easy as possible. If you have the space, we recommend putting it in a bag/dust cover and storing it vertically- no need to remove the lights. Another option is to break it down by sections and store it in a rolling bag or bin.


We've had to fluffed many wreaths and garlands over the years, it's time consuming and rough on your hands. Save yourself some work and prevent them from getting crushed in the first place by using these containers specifically for wreaths (or garland).


Broken china is another situation we like to avoid. Securely packing tableware and fine china is the best way to avoid any accidents.

Other helpful items

All the other odds n' ends...contained.

Hope ya'll had a healthy and happy holiday season!

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